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What it means to be an UPSTANDER


  • UPSTANDERS are people of action and purpose. They take a stand and make a difference, particularly for individuals and causes that appear vulnerable. They counter apathy, combat injustice, promote goodwill, and galvanize peers into action.  UPSTANDERS are not bystanders. Brookwood encourages and celebrates UPSTANDER qualities in its students.    

The Four Pillars: C.A.R.E.



Being a productive Brookwood student by meeting the expectations and characteristics of a responsible member of our community.


Standing up for myself
and others at and around my school.


Acting in a way that shows my consideration
for others in my community.


Involving myself in activities
in and around the Brookwood community.

Get Involved


  • Brookwood strives to create a community full of UPSTANDERS involving students, men, women and businesses to nurture and recognize those with character and integrity. By supporting the Brookwood UPSTANDER Scholarship Fund, sponsors become a recognized partner in Brookwood’s character-building initiative. Recognition includes promotional materials, an online presence and collaboration on UPSTANDER messages within the community.       


How it started


  • Our UPSTANDER initiative is student-centered in the creation and implementation of the program. Students started with dictionary definitions of four core pillars of character and refined and personalized them. They took surveys, attended events and held grade-level competitions. They donned UPSTANDER wrist-bands and earned recognition for upstanding behavior exhibited at school. Since then, UPSTANDER campaigns have entered the national scene in the news, on Starbucks cups, as the focus of the dean of Harvard Law School’s commencement speech, and in the National School Climate Center’s anti-bullying campaign. 

Scholarship Award


  • In 2017, our faculty and a committee of business partners and parents named the first seniors to receive the Brookwood UPSTANDER Student Scholarship Award. To choose the scholarship winner(s), all members of Brookwood faculty nominate one senior who exemplifies the four core pillars of character that define an UPSTANDER. Seniors who are nominated are asked to complete an application; a review committee selects one winner.
    School administrators announce each year’s scholarship recipient at Brookwood Senior Honors Night held each May.

See Scholarship Award Recipients

Citizen of the Year Award


  • In 2018, Brookwood established the  annual UPSTANDER Citizen of the Year award to recognize a community member or parent who exhibits exemplary  support of Brookwood's  students and the school's vision and mission.

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